Facts about Payday Loans

  1. Undisclosed Information –

Payday loan lenders usually tend to be extremely convincing when giving out information to people interested in applying for loans. However, there is a lot they are not telling, and this includes a lot of crucial information that’ll influence your decision to apply for the loan. Do not entirely fall for their promises and assurances as these companies have specialized in persuasion and will somehow get you to take the credit. So it is always the best to collect as much as information as possible so that you are well aware of what exactly you are getting yourself into.

  1. Unending cycle


The primary method utilized by payday loan companies to make money is through extended loans. At times, some people may not be in the position to pay back their loan’s principle and interests within the given time frame. As a result, they may tend to pay the principle, and the additional interest charged continuously, and it is then that companies cash in on large sums of money. This usually lands people in deep debt as they are no more in the situation to pay back these loans. This often drives people into deep debt such that they are unable to pay the loan.

  1. Auctioning-

There have been numerous cases wherein clients have struggled to pay back loan amounts. This has been followed by many attempts by companies to extract the loan amounts from these people but all in vain. In case of loans that are of large quantities, companies usually auction the client’s assets in a bid and recover their money from what they earn. This is why payday loans are risky for the clients as their personal and hard-earned assets are vulnerable to a takeover due to their inability to make payments.

  1. Expensive Loans-

From all the available loans in the debt market, payday loans are the most costly of the lot concerning interest rates. This is majorly due to the short-term nature of the loan. Sometimes the interest rates can shoot up to 300 percent or more. Additionally, if you default on your payments, you’ll have to pay extra interest rates on the amount you haven’t made payments for. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure you analyze your financial standing before you confirm taking up such loans. Not paying such loans can result in a severe rise in interest rates as compensation for delay or default of payments.


  1. Limited period for Repayment

Considering these loans are short-term, this can be pretty inconvenient. This is so because of the subsequent short repayment period which is usually a month. In many cases, the interest rates are on a daily or weekly basis, making it extremely hard to cover in such a short duration.